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Pagamento online para compras em plataformas de comércio eletrônico



Dear Guest , 

Normally, Amazon staff drop off your order at your door if you're not at home.


The condo is safe. We have never heardhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhjdhjdjdd of cases where any package was lost among our guests.


We’ve already bought a lot of stuff that was delivered at the front door, and everything was always there.


We just can't be responsible for the deliveries, okay?



There is a small possibility that they will deliver to the parcel locker.



In this case, we would have to ask one of our service providers to go to the mailbox and pick up the item for you. This may take up to 3 days because we depend on certain logistics for it.




If you ask them to leave it in front of the door, it turns out to be the easiest option for everyone.


If you buy through Amazon, there's even this option on the delivery page.


And when purchasing an item online, ask for the order to arrive exactly during your stay, please. And avoid ordering deliveries for the last night, if possible. Occasionally, Amazon runs late, and guests may leave without their packages.


 Oh, and finally, inform the gate entry code in the notes for the delivery: #1010.


If you have any further questions, let us know. 


Have a great day!

HTL Team



+1 321 350 0026


+55 21 97674 9585

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